We offer privately criminal record clearances within 24 to 48 hours instead of 6 to 8 weeks period at SAPS 


Voice Polygraph Analyser and Finger Print Analysis.

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domestic workers

Do you know who is working for you as domestic workers or general workers?

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Electronic Finger Print System and criminal records are verified at a low cost to our clients even before an employee gets employed.

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View the difference between Polygraph and Voice Stress.

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Does your STAFF (BUSINESS OR DOMESTIC WORKER) STEAL, COMMIT FRAUD, or TRADE in your TRADE SECRETS? We can identify staff who’s committing crime against your interest, without your knowledge. We have the most MODERN DIGITAL LIE DETECTION EQUIPMENT. 

In addition we have the AUTOMATED FINGER PRINT IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM to our disposal operated by a Certified Finger Print System Analyst who can verify if staff has any criminal record or history - including lots more.

With more than 18 years past service in a law enforcement & investigative unit in a government department Paul Van Der Merwe can provide various duties to his clients. He works in conjunction with people with vast previous experience in law enforcement from various departments with great success.  

As an AMERICAN POLYGRAPH & VOICE STRESS ASSOCIATION approved examiner and a registered PRIVATE SECURITY INDUSTRY REGULATING AUTHORITY member we can provide professional service to our clients.


  • Certified Voice Polygraph Analyser
  • Certified Finger Print Analysis
  •  Security Grade E to A,  Reaction, Cash In Transit and Commercial Retail
  • Risk Assessment
  • Special Investigations
  • Brand Protection (Vast Experience)
  • Personal Tracing of Individuals (Cheating Spouses)
  • Installation of Cameras & any Security Equipment (hidden / not hidden)
  • Guarding and Armed Escorts

The client should consult a labour consultant, qualified attorney or advocate prior to making any decision, based on a Polygraph report which could potentially have a legal or administrative consequence. The onus is therefore on the client to ensure that he/she acts in a reasonable, fair, and lawful manner.

Voice stress analysis Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) technology is said to record psycho physiological stress responses that are present in the human voice when a person suffers psychological stress in response to a stimulus (e.g., a question), and the consequences of the person's answer may be dire. Read More on Wikipedia