ABIS Security Investigations June 2015 Updates

  1. During last week (8-12 June 2015) ABIS  Security Investigations questioned and identified Security Staff for the theft / disappearance of a firearm out of the register. A case was opened in the Johannesburg area at SAPS and investigations are in a advanced stage against the guards and supervisors involved.ABIS  Security Investigations Updates
  2. During last week (8-12 June 2015) ABIS Security Investigations traced and track a Company down for stealing money from a client under false pretence. A theft under false pretence and fraud case was opened.  A settlement was also arranged between the parties for payment, steps will be taken should the agreement not be honoured.
  3. A Voice Polygraph against drivers at a security company also revealed the misuse and abuse of vehicles. Actions steps were taken against the supervising guards
  4. In a separate case voice Polygraph testing’s were done on two guards for the theft of alcohol at a clients premises. After the test a search was conducted and the goods as well as additional equipment stolen was recovered from the properties of the guards. They were charged
  5. In a case where a member of the public complaint of receiving death threads against her ABIS Security Investigations investigated and revered the case to the SAPS. Still under investigations
  6. ABIS Security Investigations was called in to investigate the mishandling, and negligent use of a firearm by a guard. The case was investigated and a case was opened against guards. The Case are still pending.