Avoidance and Precautions (Part 6)

Parking Lot Security TipsAvoidance and Precautions (Part 6)

Park in well-lit areas or areas visible to • the workplace/lodging, etc.

  • If you can’t see more than 100 feet at night, park elsewhere.
  • Park in areas of the lot that have higher traffic.
  • If you are going to work after dark, move your car at some time during the day to a better, closer location.
  • Keep all valuables in the interior from being seen from the vehicle exterior, or secure in trunk.
  • Lock vehicle doors and keep windows rolled up—“venting” for heat provides easy access for thieves.
  • Use a steering wheel/column lock, such as “the Club.”
  • Car alarms and decals/stickers are effective deterrents.
  • Make use of restaurant or hotel valet parking.

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