Avoidance and Precautions (Part 7)

Reminders for Parking LotAvoidance and Precautions (Part 7)

  • Lock car doors.
  • Roll up windows.
  • Remove keys from ignition when exiting vehicle.
  • Park in well-lit or easily viewed areas.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be cautious of and alert to male predators in parking lots.
  • Plan where you are going to park.
  • If you see suspicious persons in the area, do not exit your vehicle.
  • As you exit buildings and head to your vehicle, scan the area.
  • Advise children and family members to enter vehicles quickly and lock doors once inside.
  • If you believe someone is following you, yell at them to stop, but do not confront them.
  • Quickly return to the business or office and ask for assistance if you observe or experience something suspicious.
  • Have your keys ready when you exit.
  • Keep your hands as free as possible.
  • Keep a cell phone with you.
  • Dial 911 in emergencies and know the number for police or sheriff’s office dispatch in your location.

When you are safe, call the police or notify security if you see anything suspicious.

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