Homemade bomb at Mall@Carnival

Man with ‘bomb’ strapped to his body tried to rob bank in Mall@Carnival

According to information, an employee of the bank was helping clients at the enquiry desk when she was approached by a man who handed her an A4 size sheet of paper.
The employee looked up and the man pushed a black bag towards her.
She then looked at the letter and saw the first line which read: “Fill the f****** bag”.
The employee realised that there was a situation and she informed the man that she did not have money, because he was at the enquiry desk.
In an effort to distract him and alert management she told him to go to a teller.
The employee apparently got up from her chair, but was instructed by the robber to sit.
At this point he lifted his jacket to reveal what was described as film strip, with a lot of wires attached to his body.
The robber again instructed her to fill the bag and threatened to press a button for the bomb to explode.
The employee again explained that he should go to a teller, after which he took the letter and bag and moved towards the door.
Security guards followed the man, who got onto a waiting motorbike.
Neither he nor his accomplice wore helmets and they managed to get away.
The incident was reported to the Brakpan Police and is being investigated.