• Before posting online, take a second to think about how it could be used to your detriment should the info fall into the wrong handssafety-on-social-media
  • NEVER post pictures of your home, workplace, school or anything that reveals personal info about yourself.
  • Never choose a passport style photo of yourself as a profile pic. Can be used to commit Identity Theft.
  • Never check in at home, people don’t need to know where you live.
  • Never check in when you are out. That allows people to know your house is vulnerable for a robbery.
  • Keep an eye open for friends posting personal details about you and make sure you approve of publications that tag you.
  • Companies conduct a social media audit before hiring. Consider your reputation before posting. It could jeopardize your future.
  • Teach your children to value their personal information. Not everyone in cyberspace is who they say they are. Regularly check who they are interacting with.
  • DO NOT post naked pictures of young children. Besides being stolen by predators for their own use and widespread publication, the NPA issued a statement in June 2014 that to do so, is a criminal offence.

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