Security over Christmas season

Here are a couple of security tip to keep you and your loved once save over the coming Christmas season:

  1. Be more vigilant, when leaving home leave a few minutes earlier or later.Security over Christmas season
  2. Change your route.
  3. When you turn into your street coming home – if there are strange people in the street drive past.
  4. If you are worried phone your security company to escort you in.
  5. If you come home late also phone your security company.
  6. While driving make sure passengers are buckled up and the doors are locked.
  7. When you are approaching a robot or stop sign wind up windows.
  8. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight.
  9. Spoiling yourself with a new TV don’t put the box on the street for the rubbish collectors…wet the box & put it in a black bag and take it to the dump.
  10. If you are going on holiday, let your neighbours, friends, family, security company and your friendly CPF (Community Policing Forum) member know. Leave an emergency contact number.
  11. When you are going partying get a sober designated driver.

Most of all be safe, buckle up, don t drink &  drive, be vigilant.’