Seven safety tips in flash floods

Did you know that as little as 30cm of water can float your car!

Drivers often underestimate the dangers of flooding‚ especially at low-lying bridges‚ where as little as 30 centimetres of water can float vehicles and result in the driver losing control.

Seven tips that might save your life during heavy rains:

* Do not attempt to drive through flooded areas‚ even if the water looks shallow enough to cross;

* Leave your vehicle if it stalls and move immediately to higher ground;

* Never drive into water that covers the road, you do not know how deep it is or whether the road underneath has been washed away;

* During heavy rains be on special alert near dips in the highway and near low-lying bridges;

* Exercise caution‚ especially at night when visibility is poor;

* Pedestrians must avoid areas where water is flowing rapidly;

* Keep children away from playing in drainage ditches or storm water drains or areas where water is easily accumulated.