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It is imperative for us a Business to continuously strive towards supplying more accessible services to our clients that can enhance their daily business. Voice Polygraph testing (LIE DETECTION) Risk Management & Investigations were the main focus for the past few years. We therefore introduced at a very minimal cost to all our clients an added service that protected and secured their assets as well as their security by means of being more PRO ACTIVE – filtering new employees to the company more effectively.

ABIS Security Investigations Pty Ltd introduced the Electronic Finger Print System and criminal records were verified at a low cost to our clients even before an employee gets employed. ABIS Security Investigations Pty Ltd utilizes a system linked with the SAPS system and finger prints can be electronically submitted and verified for any records.  ABIS Security Investigations Pty Ltd is a Certified Electronic Finger Print System analyst company.

Verifications offered by ABIS Security Investigations Pty Ltd  

  • Lie detections R 500 per person ( Large quantities special rates) Voice Polygraph
  • Credit Checks
  • Criminal Checks
  • ID Verification and Validation
  • Fraud Listing
  • Drivers Licence Check
  • Professional Drivers Permit
  • Matric Qualification Verification
  • Tertiary Qualification Verification
  • African Qualification Verification
  • Global Qualification Verification
  • Employment History
  • Professional Association Membership
  • Citizenship
  • Permanent Residency
  • Fit and Proper Check
  • Consumer Goods Council
  • Rapid Personality Questionnaire
  • Business Background Check
  • Bank Verification Checks
Searches that can be done Pricing
Voice Polygraph Testing ( LIE DETECTION) R500.00
Criminal Record – Illicit Activity Check 1
We do the electronically submission
R 110.00
Criminal Record – Manual 91A Form R 350.00
Credit Bureau Report – Trans Union R 70.00
Credit Bureau Report – Experian R 70.00
Matric (South Africa – Dept. of Education)Pre 1992 R 180.00
Matric (South Africa – Umalusi) Post 1992 R 120.00
Academic Qualification (South Africa) 2 R 110.00
Academic Qualification (South Africa – QVS) R 130.00
Academic Qualification (Sub-Saharan Africa) R 350.00
Academic Qualifications (Global) 3 R 350.00
Employment History (South Africa) R 120.00
Employment History Character Reference(South Africa) R 150.00
Employment History (Global) R 350.00
ID Verification and Validation R 80.00
ID Verification and Fraud Listing R 100.00
Drivers Licence R 100.00
Professional Driving Permit(PrDP) R 130.00
Fit & Proper Screening R 80.00
Bank Verification R 80.00
Consumer Good Council (CGC) R 80.00
Citizenship R 150.00
Permanent Residency R 100.00
Professional Association Membership (SouthAfrica) R 100.00
Professional Association Membership(United Kingdom) R 350.00
Rapid Personality Questionnaire (RPQ) R 1100.00
Business Credit Check – Scan On File R 200.00
Director/Member R 80.00

Service Level Agreement Product


Voice Polygraph Analysing LIE DETECTIONS – Same day

Trans Union Credit Check Real Time Response
Experian Credit Check Real Time Response
Criminal Illicit Activity Check 2 business days
Additional Detail on Possible Positive 6 – 8 Weeks
Manual 91A form 6 – 8 Weeks
ID Verifications Next business Days
ID Verifications with Fraud Listing 2 business Days
Driver’s Licenses 2 Business Days
Driver’s Licenses – Incl. PrDPQUALIFICATION VERIFICATIONS 2 Business Days
National Matric Qualifications (post – 1992)(Umalusi) Next business day
National Matric Qualifications (pre – 1980)(DOE)– with copy of certificate No SLA
National Technical Certificates (DOE) No SLA
National Tertiary Qualifications – Degrees Next business day
National Tertiary Qualifications – ShortCourses/Diplomas / Certificates 2-5 business days
Sub Saharan African Qualifications 3 -5 business days
Zimbabwe No SLA
Congo No SLA
Kenya No SLA
Lesotho No SLA
Ghana No SLA
International Qualifications 2-4 business days
UK 7 business days
USA 10 business days
India/Asia No SLA
Australia No SLA

 AVSA Pro version 2.0 Voice Polygraph nsa-polygraph-leaflet-img-1

Our examiner is a Certified Voice Polygraph Examiner and registered with the South African Polygraph & Voice Polygraph Association. Our investigator has more than 18 year’s previous service in a leading law enforcement & investigative unit in a government department as an operational specialist investigator / intelligence. The Examiner also studied at Pretoria University as a fraud examiner and will be available to assist on any matter where you identify possible employee risk in terms of fraud, theft, corruption, or just lying on his CV

  • Pre – employment screening: you can limit the influx of criminals into your work place. In the case where staff delivers bad service or steals from you or your client we can detect it with minimal cost to your company.
  • Screening of current employees: current staff can be questioned on the FVSA system on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis in order to secure their positions in the work place
  • Incident screening of staff: incidents of theft, fraud and any misconduct can be investigated and staff can be questioned on the FVSA system.
  • Personal assessment forensic interview questionnaire: The examiner will do this in a friendly and open discussion with the applicant. This is generally more accepted and inspires the applicant to give more assistance.
  • Past employment reference validation: Our Company thoroughly investigates applicants past work history as declared on the CV.

What is the AVSA PRO Voice Polygraph?polygraph-seattle

ABIS Security Investigations Pty Ltd utilises the AVSA PRO 2.0 (ALPES) equipment.

Unlike polygraph however, VSA does not require attachments of invasive and at times uncomfortable body sensors.  Since the voice micro-tremor is governed by the central nervous system and is graphically captured “real time” by VSA, and instantly reacts to the psychological stimuli (the question) and recovers to those stimuli instantly.

For purposes of detection of deception, DVSA measures and graphically displays ten physiological functions.   Functions measured and instantly displayed by DVSA are:

  1. Single Respiratory utterance (which relates to breathing).
  2. Multiple Respiratory utterances.
  3. Rate of glottis closure.
  4. Duration of an utterance. (Speech or non-speech sounds).
  5. Micro-muscle tremor (fifth voice format).
  6. Presence or absence of pulse in the signature. (As related to blood pressure).
  7. Pitch and frequency changes within the signature.
  8. General nervous tension.
  9. Third voice format wave shape.
  10. Demonstrates unique and individual patterns in speech, diction, and sound waveform. Response timing, intensity, and duration.

These physiological phenomena of the human vocal utterance, utilizing DVSA, display absolute stress at the instant of utterance as well as relative stress when compared to other derived voice signatures in speech or non-speech human sounds.  Seventeen separate and unique audio graphic signature patterns are identifiable and quantifiable.  Thus, providing the examiner the ability to determine absolute and relative degrees of psycho-physiological stress.


Each of the 9 phenomena may be displayed in 12 different modes permitting in-depth study and analysis.


  • An Automated, VSA program.
  • AVSA auto-scores Validated PDD test protocols ( Zone & MGQT’s )
  • (Examiner may score captured response graphics manually)
  • Auto Tabbing of CQ’s and RQ’s
  • Auto Scoring of individual tests
  • Auto Scoring of entire Examinations ( multiple test charts)
  • Auto Rotation of RQ’s
  • Auto Control of Cadence –Audible Answer Cue ( Onset Delay of  FOF Syndrome)
  • Auto Assignment of SV (stress value) to every captured word during interview narrative. Recording time frame exceeds Five Minutes per file. Unlimited file capacity.
  • Auto, real-time check and display of incoming signal volume
  • Fully Integrated with ALL MS Windows platforms; MS Word / Explorer / Notepad etc.
  • AVSA files tests in alphabetical sequence for individuals. Batch files for corporate and / or regular clients may be created in AVSA Files or other Windows applications.
  • Fully integrated with MS Windows O/S ( Win 95 – Win 7 )
  • AVSA PRO utilizes neural network processor power.
  • Known Solution Database. The expertise of VSA experts spanning 20 years
  • AVSA PRO training is presented by selected, thoroughly trained professionals.
  • AVSA PRO is distributed by an internationally certified PDD examiner, recognized DOD professional and author on PDD Techniques and Technologies.

AVSA PRO 2.0 is the most advanced VSA program available worldwide. AVSA PRO 2.0 is written by Alpes Software. The only VSA software ever validated was written by Alpes.

See some of the factual difference between the two methods. 

Polygraph Voice Polygraph
Intrusive physiological attachments(Painful at times) No Attachments
Old science (80 years) Modern science with space age technology.
Easy Countermeasures ONLY Countermeasure is Silence
Hostile Techniques Non Hostile Techniques
30-60% “Inconclusive” Results No “Inconclusive” Results
Drugs, Age & Health skew results Not affected by Alcohol, Drugs, Age or Health
“YES” & “NO” Answers required Narrative answers acceptable
Test limited to 8-14 questions Unlimited questions in test
Must sit motionless Unrestricted movement
Totally Analogue or with Computer to display Charts Totally Digital (64bit).  Proprietary algorithms.

South African Polygraph and Voice Polygraph Association Code of Ethics

As members of the South African Polygraph and Voice Polygraph Association we dedicate ourselves, individually and collectively to the following Code of Ethics.ABIS Security Investigation East Rand SOUTH AFRICAN POLYGRAPH AND VOICE POLYGRAPH ASSOCIATION

  • To conduct ourselves at all times as professionals, places in an unique position of private and public trust;
  • To respect and protect both the dignity and the civil right of those with whom we have professional dealings;
  • To maintain the highest standards of qualification, taking on no task for which we are not thoroughly prepared;
  • To devote ourselves to Truth.